Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

 If you look very carefully at what the squirrel is holding in his hands, you'll see my point.  We have the sweetest mail lady who always leaves a treat in the mailbox for our yellow lab, Zoe.  Well I put Zoe's treat out on the deck for her to get later - a little surprise you know.  Well if I didn't hear some noise and look out the dining room window to witness this!  The squirrel has her treat!  He smelled it, flipped it around and examined it, and then finally took a nibble.  One nibble led to another and then he ran off with it.  Hmmm...  My youngest son thought this to be hilarious and wondered if he went home with a mouthful and the momma squirrel asking, "Where have you been and what's that you're holding in your hand?"  So now I know to always give Zoe her treat directly and try not leaving little surprises for her.

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